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Why an e-book? Who has the time to read a 7,000 word document in this day of smart phones and instant information?

Believe me, I know how hard it can be to find the time to sit down and read something. And I know that sitting in front of a computer can be a drag. Ditto for printing something off, if you don’t have a printer handy. So fear not. If you would prefer to CONTACT ME, we can talk about the contents of the book. I’m happy to share some time with you discussing what is absolutely life changing information.

After two decades as a therapist, I can say with certainty that many of the patterns we live by as adults were learned at the knees of our parents and community before the age of seven. Don’t believe me? Then spend some time listening to your self-talk, that never-ending tape of comments that runs around in your brain. If you pay attention, you’ll hear your mother, father, grandparents and extended family. You’ll hear words from the television shows you watched as a child.

You can’t avoid it.

Before the age of seven, our subconscious absorbs the words and values and behaviors of those around us, without discrimination. One simple example from my childhood: my grandmother always said anyone can retire if they have their house paid for. I’ve lived my life from that dictate for years. It is only recently I realized I had absorbed something from another time and had to re-evaluate that belief for its validity in this millennium.

Have you ever caught yourself saying something that your mother used to say to you? Ironically, it’s often something we hated hearing mom say, but we repeat it without giving it any thought. Or do you find you share similar biases and prejudices or good feelings as your parents? One of my clients knew that wealth was found in the richness of his family’s presence. There was only one problem with that: his family are all addicted to alcohol and/or drugs and he’s got a year of sobriety. They don’t like it when he won’t party with them and are always after him to have ‘just one’. My client knows one is too many because a thousand will never be enough.

What’s he to do? He’s working hard, trying to rebuild his life and repair his finances. He is always stressed when he’s with his family but he can’t seem to stay away. When he came to me, we worked through his conflicting views of wealth. After all, his parents had never owned their home, always drove old clunkers and often did not have enough food to feed their children. And yet, they considered themselves wealthy because all of the extended family was nearby and everyone was very close.

He wants more from his life, but he feels guilty and confused. What to do? We are working through his decision and I have every confidence that he’s going to end up owning a lovely home, a new car and be able to care for his children. Whether or not his family is part of the equation will eventually be up to them, because this man will not give up his sobriety for anyone. You see, when he realized his wife was pregnant, he remembered how it felt to have his drunken father show up at school, often making a scene. He remembered not being comfortable bringing his friends home to play. He remembered how much he enjoyed being at his friend’s home, where daddy came home after work every night, sober, and then played catch with them in the back yard. He wants nothing less for his children.

Who can blame him? His family does. They think he’s ‘getting too big for his britches’. He’s been called ‘uppity’. They don’t realize he’s striving for more for his kids than he had. I applaud his choices and his effort. I’ll bet you do too.

They are locked into their old ways of behaving. My client is trying to break free of those patterns. What are those old patterns? That’s the reason you should read the free ebook. It gives you a simple assessment to see how you respond to the world. How you make decisions and your most important values. It will show you how your responses affect your life. And your future.

And even if you don’t decide to work with me, I believe you can take the information in that ebook and use it to change your life. Take the time and make the change. You’re worth it.
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