The Challenges of Applying the Law of Attraction

It’s hard to imagine a phrase bandied around more frequently than the ‘Law of Attraction’. Everyone has said it at some time or other, whether they understand or believe that it works.


As a psychotherapist, I have always believed in self-fulfilling prophecies. I have seen too many clients who live their lives in drama (and know that won’t ever change) to think otherwise. I rarely saw people who believed in only the best and expected it. If that was their mindset they didn’t come to therapy.  I have also observed that to change your ‘luck’ seems to take time and work, as ironic as that sounds.

Personally, I’ve always thought there is something to this law, but I didn’t know how to make it work for me. So I did what I always do and started studying a wide variety of authors and programs and ideas.

I had a huge ‘aha’ moment one day, sitting on my reading chair, surrounded by books.

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If you are a person who learns kinetically, by moving and touching then Tony Robbins is likely the person for you. His workshops are full of movement and sharing and often end with his famous fire walk.

One of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer talks about the Law of Attraction from the perspective of spirituality. His work includes information and instruction on meditation and prayer to achieve your goals.

Maui statue

Attending one of Wayne’s Maui weekends had always been on my bucket list and I was able to manifest that trip at a ridiculously low cost a few years ago. Truly one of the highlights of my life.  Wayne made his transition this past August which affirmed my belief in doing things when you’re called to do them – you never know if you’ll get another chance.

If you are a person who is interested in increasing your income through better sales and/or entrepreneurial endeavors then Bob Proctor is a good bet for you. Bob has been teaching for multiple decades and has helped thousands of people achieve their financial goals. His very intellectual approach works well for many, many people. Bob’s been at this work for forty-five years (give or take a few) and he’s a great example of lifelong energy, positivity and success when using his principles.

Dr Joe Dispenza teaches how to create the life you want by changing how your brain works. His books are all fascinating to read and he has the knack of making neuroscience both interesting and relatively easy to understand by the lay person. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself is my favorite.

Bruce Lipton also has a number of books on this topic. His best known is the Biology of Belief, which has recently been re-released to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Both Lipton and Dispenza’s books require, for me at least, attentive reading and notes to ensure that I follow their discussion and information. Theirs is an intellectual study of the physical brain and how to change your thinking to create the life you want.

Jack Canfield is a teacher who can inspire and motivate almost anyone. His ability to pull our emotions with his stories and experiences are legend. If you doubt that, get one of his Chicken Soup books and sit down with tissues and a cup of tea. I can guarantee you’ll see what I mean in short order.

Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks is another big name in the manifestation/Law of Attraction field. They have been traveling the United States in a big motor home for many, many years, sharing Abraham’s message of Deliberate Creating and the Law of Allowing. I’m not sure where to characterize them, since it’s part mental and part spiritual. They don’t focus on movement or the body, but their work regularly brings up emotions.

Obviously my list is not exclusive. Wonderful coaches like Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn to name a couple, bring wondrous knowledge, experience and wisdom to the personal development market, but I haven’t taken any of their courses. And I can’t speak to the type of teaching they offer about making the Law of Attraction work for you.

How would you differentiate the different teachers of the Law of Attraction? Perhaps you’ve got a different method of categorizing the teachers. Have you found one that is particularly meaningful and made sense of their application of the Law? Or have you been taking a bit from here and a bit from there as you try to use these principles to create success?

How about you? Are you learning how to apply the Law of Attraction to make a big change in your life? I’m getting there. It got easier once I realized that I am better with an intellectual and spiritual approach, rather than physical. I love to learn, so of course that’s true.  But that’s just my journey and it’s my experience. What’s yours?

It’s been an interesting journey as I learn how to make it work, to teach it, and to be able to share about my experience.

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