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Just as every athlete and/or team has a coach to help improve their skills, times, and performance, a life coach helps individuals (usually alone but occasionally in groups) to achieve the best possible outcomes in their life.

Because each person is unique, the situations that bring you to coaching will also be unique, so there is no specific process we will work through to achieve the results you desire. But we will always start from the material in my free ebook. As I’ve learned from more than two decades as a therapist, the way we learn to handle stress in our childhood impacts every decision we make as adults. The foundation of our lives is the beliefs we inherited by the age of seven. To change your life, you must change your beliefs about life.

No way, you’re thinking. I do my own thinking as an adult. Besides, I know my family was somewhat dysfunctional so I do everything the opposite of the way I learned in childhood. Either way, the culture, parental skills, and life situation impacted how you see the world. And as Wayne Dyer says: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I’d love to accompany you on this journey of change.

We’ll work together to find the solutions to your challenges and get you moving on the road to the rest of your life. Please call me, toll free at 1-866-675-0705 or using the contact form below.


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