Why Hire a Coach?

Have you ever noticed that professional sports teams have a multitude of coaches? I’m a baseball fan and regularly hear about the various coaches. There’s the manager, who’s the head coach and the assistant manager as well as the bench coach. There’s the batting coach and the pitching coaches (both starter and bullpen pitchers). The athletic trainer helps with the physical fitness of the team (although he doesn’t have the title, his role is that of coach), as does the strength and conditioning coach. Often you’ll hear about the rehab coach as well.

So consider the players of a major league baseball team (or any professional sport). They are all considered to be the best of the best. They have worked for years to reach the pinnacle of performance. And yet baseball teams will have, at a minimum, eight coaches. Many times a team will carry more coaches, but call them by a different name, because of league limitations on the number of coaches a team can carry.

Remember, these are professional players, many of whom are making multi-million dollars a year for playing a game. And yet there is a plethora of coaches working to help them improve their performance.

In life, there are no minor leagues. There is only the day to day activities which add up to the sum total of our lives. Are you doing the best you can? Are your results all you’d like them to be? Or is there more out there for you? This is where a personal or life coach can help you.

There are many kinds of coaches, from executive coaches to the boss coaching an employee at work to a teacher working with a teen on career choices. Regardless of the respective roles, coaching is always about one individual helping another to develop their skills and abilities to better deal with the issues and challenges they’re facing. Coaches provide a supportive environment so the client can achieve clarity and resolution.

Coaches will use a variety of techniques to help the client meet their goals. I believe my clients already know the answer to the situation. They simply need help to find it. That help comes from a variety of tools. My clients benefit from these techniques (among others):
Questions to clarify and stimulate the consideration of alternatives to the situation
• Applicable examples to see a different alternative
• Information from the latest research in the appropriate fields, including psychology, spirituality, medicine, and …whatever topic is appropriate.

I believe in sharing information because it is my contention that if you knew better, you’d do better. Often we lack the terminology or framework to explain where we want to go, never mind the knowledge of how to get there.

So what makes coaching different from therapy? After years of working as a therapist, that can be a hard question to answer, given that both professions deal with people and we don’t fit into neat little boxes. Here’s my take on the difference:


Therapy Coaching
Focuses on feelings Asks the right questions to access both mind and heart
Focuses on healing the past Focuses on building for the future
Treats dysfunctionality, regardless of the cause Fosters individual resilience and improving performance
Based on medical ethics Develops individual behavior change
Increasing research on outcomes Limited research on outcomes
Cost may be covered by health insurance Cost is covered by the client


The coach’s role is to facilitate the client’s desire to learn and grow. But the single most important ingredient for success is the client’s trust in the coach. That’s why it’s important to connect with your coach before you begin the process and that’s why it’s important to discuss your goals and accomplishments as you go through the coaching process.

Coaching works. But it takes work on the client’s part. And it takes a willingness to look at life through a different pair of glasses. In my practice we’ll begin by applying a framework to define your current point of view and then we’ll determine the reasons why you’re stuck. Lastly we’ll develop the tools you can use in the future to ensure you remain ‘unstuck’ in the future.

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