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Are You in Recovery in the Twelve Steps?

After more than thirty five years in the rooms of 12 Step recovery, I have a strong sense of the importance of those fellowships and the steps and the incredible gift they bring to anyone who honestly works at their recovery.

When I first came into the rooms in July of 1980, I knew I didn’t eat from hunger but to fill a different need. When I read the ‘Big Book’ of Alcoholics Anonymous, I knew I had found a textbook for living.

When women started asking me to sponsor them (which is a program term meaning to ‘mentor’ them) I realized that a significant portion of women with eating disorders were dealing with the issues arising from sexual abuse in their childhood. It terrified me to work with them, because I just didn’t know enough.

So I went to University and got a psych degree. And when I realized how much I loved the work, I went on to get a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psych.

I set up a private practice and worked with many people, some from the rooms, but many who had no knowledge of the program. And I sponsored more people than I can count. We’ve shared the journey of healing and working the steps together.

If you’re in the program and are looking for some of that ‘other help’ that Bill W references in the Big Book, I’d love to chat. Using a combination of education, experience and knowledge, we can work through your blocks and help you find a comfortable, spiritually-centered life.

NOTE: I only offer this service to those who have at least one year of complete sobriety. If you have less than five years of recovery, please be sure you are working with a sponsor before contacting me. Please call toll free, 1-866-675-0705

By the way, if you’re not in the 12 Step recovery movement, just ignore this page. It won’t impact the work we do together.

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