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What is Coaching and Why Should I Bother?

Sports team and athletes know the importance of coaching. They have coaches for every position on the team and every aspect of an individual sport. We easily see the need for coaching in sports and yet question the process in life.

The Oxford Online Dictionary defines coaching as “to train or instruct a team or individual”. Regardless of the location or field, coaching is always about helping the individual achieve improvement in their field of endeavour.

Often in our everyday lives we encounter situations which stop us from being our best. When our best thinking and our friends support and time won’t resolve the situation, a coach can be a big help. Focusing on you and your process, a coach will help you succeed in an authentic way – a way that is true to you and your values and beliefs.

If you are facing a major decision but are unable to get through it and are feeling stuck, my seven step process will help you move through the decision and to the other side so that your life is less stressful and less frustrating. You’ll feel better and will learn the techniques to ensure you don’t get stuck again.

I’ve outlined the different programs I offer below. Look at the descriptions and see if one suits you more than the others. If you see yourself there, please feel free to contact me for a 30 minute consultation/coaching call. We’ll determine if we’re a good fit to work together and if I can coach you through this situation.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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